I am so glad you found me!


“We all catch our breath when we see something extraordinarily beautiful or powerful. I am inspired by glimpses of grace, and I create art to remind us of hope. 

The art I love first grabs my eye, then fills my heart with wonder, and reflects my feelings back to me.
My work is a recreation of a moment in time to bring that into the present.
Just as authors are told to “write what they know”, I use watercolour, ink, and pyrography (wood burning) to render glimpses of the grace and hope I see in our world.

Hopeless without a morning coffee, Kelly fits work as an independent evaluation consultant into her days that are filled with painting, drawing or wood burning, reading, gardening (flowers, not vegetables!), hosting family dinners, and sharing lovely bottles of wine with friends and family. By training, she is a nurse and has a Master’s degree in Public Health (Health Promotion).

Kelly loves Canada – she has lived in Yukon, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. You will see locations from all over reflected in her work.