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The 1956 Stewart Street house. We are the 2nd owners.
What’s next?

“Here’s looking at you, kid”*

It’s not Morocco**, it’s Ontario.
It’s not Casablanca***, it’s Stewart Street.

And while Ontario isn’t equatorial or desert-like, it’s way warmer than Edmonton and Whitehorse. And it’s our newest project.

* Quote from the 1942 movie “Casablanca”
** Fingers crossed for a 2022 Morocco trip!
*** Casablanca is a main access road to Grimsby!

Latest Posts

Make Haste Slowly

I haven’t posted for 6 weeks because we’ve been waiting for permits from the Town. During this time, Brian beavered away at asbestos mitigation. AKA removing all the drywall, unusable wood, and flooring approximately 3800 kilograms, all by hand loaded into the truck to take to the dump! They weigh it – that’s how they … Continue reading

We Need a Little Magic Here

We are watching and waiting – the Town of Grimsby planning department has had all the documents for 3 weeks now. Which makes me mad (again) about the 6 months wasted with the first architect (for details see “Good Planning is Almost Always Invisible“). Brian is currently working on taking out the drywall. He completed … Continue reading

Potaytoe Potahtoe Marrocco Morocco

Stewart Street is about a ten minute drive from Dan & Amelia’s house, and a five minute stroll to the lakefront at Marrocco and Murray Street parks. I feel even better about the main page for the blog linking our house/move to Casablanca! It turns out that the originator of the co-op was named Marrocco … Continue reading

Falling Apart?

A renovation can’t begin until things start to come apart. There was a cute house that came up for sale and I joked that maybe we should sell Stewart and buy that one. Brian’s comment was “our house is worth a lot less than it was last week”… Brian was particularly happy to note that … Continue reading


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