I often choose to do paintings of irregular sizes (long or tall). The price list will give you a sense of size and cost. Commission price list is here.

New and available works are generally posted very quickly on Instagram (link above) or Facebook, and within a few days, here. If you are interested in a particular work or commissioning a piece, contact Kelly directly via email at kelly.artworks.ca@gmail.com

GST and shipping not included.


Shipping costs are not included.

For purchase, please contact kellyartworks.ca@gmail.com

Watercolour paintings on Arches paper unless otherwise noted.

If mounted on wood, watercolours are given 3-4 coats of archival varnish over painting and sides of wood panel.

Drawings on white paper are on 110 lb. neutral pH natural white artist paper.

Wood burned items note what type of wood they are burned on.